If you want to buy domain name only then follow this guide

Link: https://thebeehost.com/how-to-buy-domain-only/

If want to buy Domain and Hosting both then continue with this guide

1- First select your hosting plan

2- Follow this link: https://thebeehost.com/shared-hosting/

3- Now click on “ORDER NOW” Button of your desired hosting plan

4- Add domain name here
1: if you want to purchase new domain
2: if you want to transfer your domain from another company to TheBeeHost
3: if you have already a domain and just want to register hosting.

5- If you are buying new domain then find your domain
1: check domain status if it’s available or not
2: If it’s available then click continue for next step

6- in this step you can select billing cycle means your hosting and domain time period
1: Selecting billing cycle for 1 year or 3 year or more

2:  or Click CONTINUE for next step

7- Here you can select addon for your domain
two addon are free you can select them but one addon is for 2.5$

ID PROTECTION Addon for hiding domain owner WHOIS info from public

then Click to Continue

8- Here you can add discount promo code if you have one

1: in this box add promo code and click to “VALIDATE CODE”
2: or Click on CHECKOUT button to process next

9- Final step
1: Click on “Already Registered” button if you have created your account already

OR Fill the form and create your account

2: log in your account add your email and password
3: Check agreement checkbox
4: and Click here for COMPLETE THE ORDER

10- CONGRULATIONS. You are Done.

An invoice will be generated for your order.
Now you can send your payment for your order
Bank account details are also mention there on invoice

Visit this link to check our payment methods
Link: https://thebeehost.com/thebeehost-payment-methods/

Once payment is done send your payment picture/screenshot at Sales@TheBeeHost.com along with your invoice number so we can verify your payment.

for More Payment Methods:
Link: thebeehost.com/thebeehost-payment-methods/


for More Payment Methods:
Link: thebeehost.com/thebeehost-payment-methods/